Back to Fight the SPAM

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in about 7 months. That’s a long time. And it seems that during my absence, lots of spam has taken over the site. I just deleted somewhere around 38,470 spam comments and have now inserted a CAPTCHA. That means… BAM!!! NO MORE SPAM.

Now onto other business…I suppose I owe an explanation for being gone so long. Aside from school (you’re looking at a UC Santa Cruz student), I’m also creating a new start-up called BluePlaylist. BluePlaylist is a music website that allows users to create their own playlist and share it with their friends. It is also a great place to discover new music and other people who have similar musical tastes. There is also currently an Android app that enables you to take your music with you seamlessly, without the need to download any songs to your device. If you’re interested, feel free to take a look. And if you happen to be around Santa Cruz, you may just find me in the Business Design Competition.

Back to libpurple, I apologize for not having any new tutorials at the moment. However, I plan on writing up some more tutorials soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Until then, feel free to comment if you have any specific topic you would like me to write about in upcoming tutorials.