Libpurple.com provides tutorials and how-to’s of how to create instant messaging applications and programs using the C library, libpurple. With such little resources on the web on how to create such programs, I thought it would be nice to share what I know as a libpurple developer with everyone.

-Michael C. Brook

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  3. Hey I was wondering what you licensed your examples with? I would like to use your tutorials for some thing that might have a commercial use but I don’t want to end up using some code if its GPL type. If you could send me an email I would like it very much

  4. Hi Michael,
    I would like to thank you for your effort and I hope that you will post more often in the coming future , anyways , as you know already libpurple doesn’t have much documentations and examples , I managed to have some examples from Github . anyways , do u recommend any specific material to start with ? and I have one more question , i’m trying to create an SMS based IM client , now I know for a fact that libpurple doing just great with one client a time , but what if the server handles more than 50K tcp connections , is it supposed to be working fine ? I think libpurple is underrated, I will try to create some wrappers for ruby so it will attract more attention .
    Thanks in advance

    • Karthik
    • October 19th, 2011

    Hi Mike, We ve created a chat application, which runs over http. I want to create a pidgin plugin for that so I need to create a protocol plugin. I ve gone thru ‘pidgin architecture’, example plugin ‘pidgin-2.10.0/libpurple/protocols/null’.

    I don’t understand what I need to implement on protocol plugin. I can do, ‘curl url’ will give me xml. Parsing this xml I can find if its status change or incoming msg or whatever.

    –> Can you please advice how do I start creating a protocol plugin for this with C? Just basic ideas.

    I ve gone thru ‘pidgin C-How To’ with protocol plugin options I still couldn’t understand what protocol plugin does. Would appreciate if you can help me.
    Thanks a lott…

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